Thiam Siew Condo – 

Thiam Siew is an architectural marvel of Hoi Hup Pte Ltd. and Sunway Pte Ltd. At Thiam Siew, the experience starts before you reach home. This is for the amazing location and landscape surrounding the apartments. Each housing unit in Thiam is separated well by the private corridors for extreme privacy and convenience. The finely furnished residences with laminated floorings give it a sense of grandeur. For a stunning magnificent look like never before all, you got to do is travel to your balcony. The balcony is a gateway to experience nature like never before.

Come and experience a blessed life with fully-air conditioned apartments, spacious rooms and extended balconies at Thiam Siew.

Thiam Siew Properties – 

At Thiam Siew, the green meadow landscape and engulfing water make for a truly beautiful view.

  • Dining – Outdoor dining area in addition to the inner dining room makes your meals more exotic. The dining area is spaciously designed to spill out best.
  • Amenities – Thiam Siew contains a gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, pool deck and many more for your leisure time. Your recreation is well taken care of in Thiam Siew.
  • Lush Green – Every corner of Thiam Siew is green for your rejuvenation naturally. Enjoy the calm this place offers.
  • More than a resort – We all love resorts for their comfort and luxury. What if you are extended the same experience in your home? Experience grandeur while you take a dip in the swimming pool or have a drink at the outdoor deck.

Thiam Siew is designed while keeping comfort and convenience in mind. This residence offers unaltered warmth for people of all age groups. Lay in the lap of nature and breathe in the fresh air for the rest of your life!

Thiam Siew Condo Price – 

The price of the apartment is determined based on area and number of rooms required. Consult our agents to know more about the actual pricing.

Payment Rules –

On issue of option to purchase5%
On agreement issue20%
On completion of basic work10%
On concrete framework establishment10%
Partition walls submission5%
On completion of Roof5%
After completion of foundation facilities like windows and doors frame, electrical wirings, plumbing etc5%
Upon designing and completion of parking area, drainage, sewerage and construction of nearby roads25%
Final Payment when flat is ready to move-in15%

Contact us or reach out to us for further queries and exact price quote according to the type of housing unit purchase. You can also schedule a physical visit to the condominium site for a real look.