An insight into black hat SEO

A well-optimised website is one of the best ways to make sure that your website reaches the top of the search engine results. The basic idea of search engine optimisation is to help the website get the best possible rankings in the Google and other major search engines.

In order to achieve this end, the seo experts will make use of different tactics. The most popular are white hat seo and black hat SEO. Now, white hat seo will give benefits in the long run and it involves following guidelines. Sometimes some people may want to get quick results. For this purpose may make use of black hat seo.

What is Black SEO?

This is not a legitimate tactic. However, some people may feel that to give an immediate boost to the website in the search engine the use of this method is justified. In this tactic, the system is manipulated. It involves methods which will make the algorithms believe that the website is of good quality and it is valuable.

This how black hat seo is done:

Wrong use of keywords:

One of the most important aspects of SEO is keywords. Now in this technique, you may use keywords in a way which will make the algorithms believe that the website is offering what the consumer is looking for. But the fact may be that the website may not be offering what the consumer is searching. They will do stuffing of keywords. In this, too many keywords are used throughout the content. This will make the content of poor quality. There will be irrelevant use of keywords just to attract the customers.

Irrelevant linking:

There will be lots of linking with good websites. But this will be irrelevant linking. This may help in getting high rankings initially but they will not help in the long run. Google wants that the linking has to be between relevant pages so, that the customer can get the benefit of navigating between relevant pages and websites.

Content quality:

Google wants the content to be of the best quality. They want the content to provide valuable information to the customers. So if the quality of the content is not up to the mark then in the long run, you are not going to get the benefits. Low-quality content will have a stuffing of keywords.


At times the website is redirected to some other website or link. Now the contents of this link may not be of any use to the customer. It is something that the visitor may not even want but still, he will be redirected to that website.

Will this black hat seo help?

You may get benefits initially but you are not going to get any benefits in the long run. There are chances that in the long run your online reputation may also get affected. You may even have to face the penalty. If you do not want to suffer in the long run then it is better to not to opt for Black hat seo.